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The Triple Crown Cat Fanciers was established in 2016,  producing one show a year.  We strive to educate and promote the well-being of all cats. We are proud to work with the local Humane Societies to help them receive donations, have a place to set up their cats for adoption once a year, and we do a food drive at the show each year.  

We have 501(c)3 status.


Regular Members

  1. Brad Newcomb (President) 

  2. Mike Perkins  (Vice President) email address:

  3. Lily Newcomb (Secretary/Treasurer) email address:

  4. Brianna and Mathew Ray  email address:   

  5. Ashley and Corey Rainey  email address:

  6. Diane and Bryan Houck  email address:

  7. Tabatha Perkins  email address: 

  8. Diane Curfiss    email address:

  9. Barbara and Michael Reed   email address:  

  10. Rachel Anger  email address:

  11. Hope Kilroy  email address:


Associate members


  1. Jason Huff 

  2. Marci Shteyman 

  3. Gretchen Grossardt

  4. Eve Rock

New Members

Triple Crown Cat Fanciers welcomes new membership.  We start everyone as associate members.  Associate members will get email updates and are invited to all club functions including meetings.  They just do not get voting privileges. 


You do not have to be a breeder or show in CFA to become a member.  We welcome members from the community also who would like to be more involved and volunteer to help with the show.  Please contact Triple Crown Cat Fanciers for more information. 


Associate membership is $5 a year.

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